Carver High School


On August 28th, 2017, the 828 Movement Team donated $5000 to Carver High School in Birmingham, Alabama. 

It was a great day with the principal, faculty and students. Carver High School is named after the American Inventor, George Washington Carver. It was founded during segregation in 1959 and is still very segregated today. 

It serves around 700 students (~80% Black, ~15% Latino and ~5% Caucasian). An overwhelming majority of these students come from low income families and many of the students will be the first graduates in their families. 

Despite these challenges in the school, a new principal, Dr. Nettles-Hines, who is a veteran educator in the school district, has been given the task of improving the school environment in two years.  

The school also has Academies in Health Sciences, Technology & Engineering, Audio Visual and Graphic Design, so that students can explore different career pathways. 

It was a pleasure spending time with the principal. She is motivated and will be successful. 

We look forward to following Carver’s progress!