Booker T Washington

828 Movement School Donation

It took a little longer this year, but in our 4th year of donations, we are happy to select Booker T. Washington High School for the recipient of a $2500 donation for student resources. This Atlanta Public School is steeped in history with its opening in 1924. It was the first public high school for Black students in the state of Georgia as students came from all over the southeastern United States to receive refuge and an opportunity for a secondary education. The school has also produced some outstanding graduates including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.! 

Booker T. Washington, the famous educator believed in supporting students in reaching their highest potential and thus the school is appropriately named in its pursuit of raising active citizens ready to advocate for their local and global communities. 

With nearly 900 students enrolled in this Atlanta school, we have offered our support for continued engagement as the school year progresses in addition to our donation. We look forward to meeting members of the Booker T. Washington High School community in person one day. 

828 Movement Team

Change is possible. 

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